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FAQ's - Forms and Fees

Does a client need to pay the Notification & Registration Fee - $150.00 up front or only once they have received approval from the COV?

The fee and registration form must be submitted at the same time. Under the Food Act 2008, a business is legally registered and able to sell food to the public once they have notified the local government (i.e. submitted the registration form) and paid the applicable fee, and the local government is satisfied that the food business can safely sell food to the public. A food business needs to have an inspection with an Environmental Health Officer from the City of Vincent prior to selling food to the public. The City of Vincent will then issue your food business with a Certificate of Registration. Please allow at least 10 working days for this full process.


Can I begin to trade in Perth kitchen Hire as soon as I have submitted the NOTIFICATION/REGISTRATION FORM and paid either my Notification Fee ($50) or Notification/Registration fee ($150)?

It is your responsibility to submit your registration forms to the City of Vincent and organize an inspection prior to selling food to the public. You can contact the City on (08) 9273 6000 or You will need to bring any relevant labels, equipment, food stall setup etc. to the inspection. It is ideal that you will be preparing food at this initial inspection.


Should I pay the Notification Fee ($50) or Notification/Registration fee ($150)?

The $150 is for all new businesses and also includes the first inspection.

The $50 fee is for any existing business who is changing business name, business activity etc.

Do I need to fill in the Notification/registration form and send it into the City of Vincent?

In Australia, anyone wishing to sell food to the public needs to be registered with the local Council where they are based. New Perth Kitchen Hire clients only need to fill in this form if they want to sell food to the public and are 100% sure they are going through with their business. For example, if someone wants to hire the kitchen to practice preparing food etc. then they don’t need to fill in and submit the form just yet.

Are there any ongoing fees that  I need to pay the City of Vincent?

To keep your Food Business Registration current, you will require ongoing inspections with the City of Vincent. This will occur at least once every 6 months, and you will be invoiced $80 following each inspection. Should you no longer be hiring the kitchens or move your food business elsewhere, you must notify the City of Vincent ASAP via e-mail:  


Do I need Public liability insurance? How much Public Liability insurance should I have? 

Food businesses do not need public liability insurance to be a registered food business, however they are required to have this if they are participating at public events such as markets. Most councils ask for a minimum of 10 million, however some councils ask for a minimum of 20 million. Vincent asks for 10 million if they are trading at a public event within the Council.

Please note: if you begin to trade before filling in the registration form and submitting to City of Vincent, clients are not a legally registered food business and therefore any public liability insurance that you have would not be valid.


FAQ's - Rental Agreement and Terms & Conditions



To receive back my bond the  'left the way you received it'. How is this determined?

Please refer to the Cleaning Checklist. When all of the checklist has been completed to the best of your abilities then we will determine the kitchen is left in the same way as a client received it.  This will be refunded upon the termination/completion of the Rental Agreement. Any issues regarding this, please notify us via phone call, text or email immediately and we will look to fix the problem ASAP.

Cancellation & Changing your booking:

We do not offer refunds. If you cannot attend your kitchen hire booking, you have the option to reschedule to another date, if at least 7 days’ notice is given. If less than 7 days’ notice is given, rescheduling will require full payment for the new booking date.


Cleanliness Policy

Please refer to the 'Cleaning Checklist' sent along with your confirmation email.

What does it mean by “unsatisfactory manner” and how is this determined? - Perth Kitchen hire reserves the right to conduct unscheduled inspections of kitchens immediately after a client has finished with them. We will use the cleaning checklist to determine whether the kitchen has been left in a satisfactory manner. We trust that all clients will take into consideration all the other clients utilizing our multi - share facility.


How do I avoid a situation where a Perth Kitchen Hire client is required to replace equipment that has failed due to general wear and tear and long-term use, rather than through the fault of the client?

Perth Kitchen Hire equipment is serviced according to the individual piece of equipment product guidelines. However more often if and when it is required. The only way that a client will be required to replace equipment will be if that piece of equipment is mid-used according to the equipment use guide provided to all customers. We would then conduct an investigation as to which client had conducted the misuse and the appropriate action, according to the severity of the misconduct, will be undertaken.

Equipment is serviced annually - if clients find issue with any of our equipment, we urge them to contact us via email, text or phone-call.

Do we have to provide cleaning products and tea towels?

  • Perth Kitchen Hire provides the following:

    • 2x multipurpose kitchen towels

    • 2x chux wiping cloths

    • 1x bin bag

    • Floor cleaner

    • Detergent

    • Hand soap

    • Mop, broom and dust pan & broom

How is  “unnecessary or excessive usage” determined and attributed to a particular Lessee?  

Should Perth Kitchen Hire determine that unnecessary or excessive usage of item has occurred which contradicts our 'Equipment guide' provided, then this constitutes as "unnecessary or excessive" usage.

In the event that a kitchen is shut down or double booked?

For whatever reason, then the affected clients will be provided the option of a full refund or to reallocate their booking to the nearest convenient time.

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